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Libera Università Metropolitana
The Libera Università Metropolitana (Free Metropolitan University), founded in 2005 in the “Atelier occupato ESC” in Rome, is an experiment in self-education and constituent conflict, within and against the transformations of the university. It crosses places of production of knowledge, and it is based on the free and independent production of knowledge beyond the boundaries between the university and the metropolis. A workshop composed of students, doctoral candidates, researchers, workers in the world of culture and art, college professors.
A place in which to again grant force to the non-functional, critical and experimental character of knowledge and its forms of production. A prototype of organization of cognitive work itself. A device that focuses on the sharing rather than the mere transmission of knowledge, in a constant attempt to build a common and conflictual vocabulary. The LUM project sets out to create knowledge and to share thought. The seminars, the readings-in-common and the research projects are the results of the encounter between different languages and accentuate the always hybrid, non-disciplinary character of knowledges as a practice of breakdown of epistemic boundaries. The configuration of groundbreaking research confronts its own inadequacy in an Europe that must be provincialized, looking for ongoing connections with related experiences to be able to produce a new map of living knowledge.